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6 Steps – Enhance LGBT Workplace Equality

You likely already know that being an LGBTQ friendly employer is great for your business work culture and financial bottom line. OutBüro can be a tremendous resource to help you attract and grab top-tier gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) talent by enhancing your employer branding showcasing all you do supporting LGBTQ corporate equality with a welcoming workplace.

OutBüro was launched in mid-2018 and enhanced and relaunched in June 2019 by Dennis Velco. Velco LinkedIn’s largest LGBT professional networking group with 46,000 global members.

The main focus of OutBüro is to be a growing resource for candidates to use the site to research LGBTQ inclusive and friendly potential employers. As an employer, effectively managing your organization’s presence on OutBüro can help you put your best foot forward with these candidates and while still supporting other corporate equality signals such as HRC Corporate Equality Index if your organization happens to be a US Fortune 1000 company.

OutBüro is different in that is allows any employer, be it non-profits, educational institutions, small or medium-size businesses and government entities of all levels to participate. Further OutBüro is not geographically limited to the United State thus any employer anywhere in the world may demonstrate their LGBT inclusiveness and socially prove it too by linking to both their own website with diversity and inclusion information as well as 3rd party sites. Those links may be to LGBT friendly policies and benefits touted on your organization’s website, videos or non-profit sites showing your company as a supporter to name a few. If no links are available, there’s a specific area to describe your LGBT community involvement.

1. Showcase your employer brand

Employer branding is important for any company of any size. Many studies have demonstrated that companies that fully embrace LGBT equality creating a welcoming environment for both employees and customers reap improved productivity, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and increased profits. Everyone wins. So, of course, your organization wants this. So get started today.

Are you and management concerned about what employees will post in their anonymous reviews/ratings? Well, current and recent past employees may add your organization for free and rate/review it even if you don’t participate. Having an authorize organization person(s) manage and interact with those reviews shows you care and want to improve. Not being part of the platform and conversation says you are unaware or just don’t care. That’s not true, is it? If reading this you are no longer unaware. Right? So get started today.

Claim or add your employer listing

After the quick and easy free account registration search OutBüro to see if your organization is already listed by a current or recent past employee or other parties.

Afterward, you may either claim the existing listing or add the organization for free with limited features or for a small fee add the company with full features and control of the company content. The full-featured listing allows you to indicate the LGBTQ inclusive benefits and policies you provide no matter your company size. For companies already on the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) this is another opportunity for you to demonstrate your diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environment. For companies out of HRC’s scope, this is your opportunity to publicly show your support for your LGBTQ employees no matter your company size or location worldwide.

Full company listings provide the ability for a robust company description, photos, videos, social media links, and opportunity to showcase your LGBTQ inclusive policies, your employees and more.

2. Make your LGBTQ employees aware

Get the accolades you deserve for making your company an awesome place to work. After your company listing is claimed or added, invite all your employees to come to OutBüro and rate your company from their unique LGBTQ perspective. Do not however incentivize them such as providing a reward for leaving a positive review. That’s a big NO-NO.

This will demonstrate that your organization is open to feedback. Sure, you might like it to remain in-house. But, review site similar to OutBüro who also house your job postings. OutBüro is not trying to replicate the job board arena as that is chock full of options. On your Employer listing you indicate the job board, be it your own, or a 3rd party you’d like the LGBTQ job seeking candidates to navigate to.

This will be a great insight for future potential candidates and entice them to apply for your jobs. You are free to be creative and leverage postings on our site. Or contact us for employee marketing collateral about OutBüro.

3. Employer review monitoring and interaction

OutBüro is the go-to and only site for employer reviews by LGBTQ employees. Launched in mid-2018 the site is growing. As members discover and read reviews at the start of their job search prior to speaking with a company recruiter or hiring manager you have the opportunity to influence their decision to work for your company knowing it is a welcoming and safe place that promotes diversity and inclusion.

The site is self-governing meaning inappropriate postings may be flagged for review. Other site members may up and down vote reviews indicating if they were helpful or not. We also have company review guidelines and community standards.

Over time OutBüro LGBTQ employee ratings will stand testament to what an amazing employer you are having your LGBTQ friendly workplace policies, benefits and practices indicated and socially proven,

Make it a point to monitor and respond to reviews and feedback on reviews as they are posted. Thank people for their time spent submitting a review, whether it is positive or negative overall, and address any complaints mentioned. While some complaints may be valid opportunities for improvement, others may be a matter of culture fit—so do your best to be transparent. Most job seekers find the employer’s perspective useful when learning about a company, and the majority say their perception of a company improves after seeing the company respond to a review.

When an LGBTQ candidate researches employer reviews/ratings and finds your company present, active and with great reviews from current and recent past employees they will be thrilled to submit their resume for your open jobs. You will receive a higher quality candidate than those who didn’t do their homework and “spray and pray.”

4. Join LinkedIn’s largest LGBTQ professional networking group

With an 11 year history, OutBüro founder Dennis Velco has built LinkedIn’s largest LGBTQ professional networking group with currently over 46,000 global members. It’s a valuable resource to cultivate relationships with candidates and post your LGBTQ focused content furthering your employer brand as LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming.

5. Post your own LGBT focused company and employee content

Increase your employer brand awareness with LGBTQ professionals. With an OutBüro Employer Listing subscription, the organization may post content directly to our blog as an author. We’d strongly recommend the content be LGBT professional life-related in some way. Perhaps it’s articles about what local, regional or national LGBT related events the organization has sponsored. Or maybe articles and videos featuring LGBT employees or customers. The article will list the authorized person/person as the author in an author bio box that will link all other past submissions posted.

If there have been negative reviews/ratings, an article might address what the organization is doing or has done to improve. It’s also a great way to feature what activities and such the organization’s LGBTQ employee resource group is doing on a monthly or quarterly basis. So many possibilities for your organization to be proactive. Some of this may be in the form of press releases. All submissions will be reviewed for approval before going live to ensure it’s appropriate for our audience and in line with the goals of OutBüro.

6. Submit LGBT related press releases

Add [email protected] to your press release distribution when the topic is LGBT related. Follow the standard format and provide images. OutBüro can review, edit as necessary and post it to the site distribute it via our social media channels and our LinkedIn LGBT professional group with currently over 46,000 global members.


OutBüro is a growing valuable tool for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer professionals for networking and as passive or active job seekers. It is also a quite valuable tool for employers providing employer rating monitoring, supports workplace equality and provides the employer the opportunity to socially prove their LGBTQ inclusiveness for both employee and customers. Candidates use the site to determine where they are interested in working, and your presence there can be the difference between attracting top-tier candidates or losing them to a competitor.