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LGBTQ in Retail and Fashion Virtual Career Fair – June 18th

Retail and fashion virtual career fair for LGBTQ professionals seeking LGBTQ inclusive employers. As part of our mission supporting LGBTQ professionals to connect with LGBTQ friendly employers who support LGBTQ corporate equality with a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming.

Job seekers: It is advised to establish your professional profile on OutBüro. Jobseeker online registration for each individual virtual career fair will begin 4 weeks prior to the event date. Put a reminder in your calendar to check back here for a link to the event registration page. In the meantime create your OutBüro professional profile today.

Employers: Employers interested in actively recruiting LGBTQ diversity candidates should contact OutBüro at a minimum of 6 weeks before the event date(s) to register. See Virtual Career Fairs – For Employers and Virtual Career Fairs – Steps for Employers. It t is advised that all employers claim or add their Employer Listing on OutBüro well in advance of each virtual career fair so that candidates may research your organization and see all the great policies, benefits, business practice and more you are doing for your LGBTQ employees, clients/customers and the community.

Date: June 18, 2020

Time: 9 am – 4 pm US Eastern Time Zone

Around 4 weeks prior to the even Job Seeker registration will begin and announced.

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