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How-to: LGBTQ Entrepreneur’s Competitor Analysis with Worksheet

As an LGBTQ entrepreneur with startup business should a competitor analysis to help you launch, remain focused, grow, adapt and own your market.

There are an estimated 1.4 million LGBTQ businesses total in the United States, according to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  As LGBTQ business owners we can face challenges others do not,  Some of these include disclosing their sexuality to their angel and venture capital investors, traditional loan officers, staff, co-workers and customers, landlords perhaps, and being a victim of harassment and discrimination based on who they are.  This could be an outright blatant, conscious yet not visible and simple unconscious bias of others.  

Why bother? I know what I’m doing.

There are many things a LGBTQ entrepreneur with startup business should have to help them launch, remain focused and grow including a business plan, a clear understanding of your target audience, a clear mission & vision, general marketing, great content marketing in all forms and clear understanding of the direct and indirect competition to become the front runner in the competitive landscape you are trying to grow your business in. 

Completing a competitive analysis will help you to better understand your industry market trends, identify your competitors, evaluate opportunities, analyze threats to your business or organization, adjust your go-to-market and positioning strategy accordingly.  Looking at our competitors analytically uncovers what works and doesn’t work. It helps you find that golden nugget of how to differentiate yourself in the market. Unknowingly they are essentially being a mentor to you and your startup.

So, let’s get growing your LGBTQ owned business so you can create job opportunities for others and grow your personal financial freedom and hopefully give support to the great LGBTQ non-profits supporting our community.

How Gay is This?

Now is creating such documents uniquely GAY?  Of course not.  Your sexual orientation does not play a role in the mechanics of creating a business plan or doing competitive analysis.  However, the individual(s) who are LGBTQ entrepreneurs can face challenges their heteronomative competitors may not.  There is little entrepreneur content out there that is LGBTQ centric – so we are helping to create it and OutBüro is a publishing platform for you to add to the collective knowledge and resources via posting your own articles.  It can be leveraged as marketing your knowledge, skills, products, and services targeting predominantly LGBTQ professionals and other entrepreneurs.

Perceived Competitor Maybe Synergy

I’d also like to add that we’d love to think that everyone in the LGBTQ community is open, welcoming and supportive of all other LGBTQ.  That sadly is not the case.  In business, it is the same.  You may have other LGBTQ businesses and even non-profits view your business as a competitor.  Maybe you are.  Maybe there’s some overlap of products and services yet the majority is different.  Unfortunately, even if another LGBTQ owned business or non-profit perceives you are in some way and scope encroaching on what they believe to be their domain – you are their competitor.  So you might as well do a competitive analysis on them to better understand their mindset.  Maybe you are a competitor.  Or maybe it’s an opportunity to partner.  After having done your homework, if they accept a call/meeting with you, you would be able to clearly articulate the synergies and joint opportunities and dispell their assumptions and maybe a partnership would improve both companies/organizations.

Get the OutBüro Competitive Analysis Worksheet

Get the OutBüro LGBTQ Business Owners Competitive Analysis Worksheet in Excel spreadsheet format. Click the image to download it now so you may reference it as you continue reading this resource article.

OutBüro - Resource - LGBTQ Business Owners Competitive Analysis Worksheet v 1-0 2020 Jan LGBT Entrepreneurs Business Owners Gay Lesbiann Queer

Competitive Strategy Benefits

Your competitors can come in many forms depending on the type of business you have. Maybe you are a dentist opening an office in an underserved community. It’s a potential that a medical non-profit serving that area could view you as a competitor since their funding may be based on numbers served.

Your competitors have likely been operating for a while. They have clients/customers and therefore making money. Those clients/customers to some degree like them, find value in them and respect them. No matter if you are opening a new local ice cream shop, bar, legal office, dentist office, or launching a potential industry disruptive technology, in all cases, you must understand your real and perceived competitors to ensure:

  • What they’re doing better than you right now so that you can strive to do it better?
  • What are their marketing strategies and tactics that seem to be working>?
  • What mistakes in your humble opinion or that’s been publically reported that you can strive to avoid and possibly capitalize on?
  • Don’t be modest here. What do you believe you are doing better? How are you different? Leverage these in your marketing.

Competitor as a Mentor

Well, most competitors won’t sit down over coffee and share their entrepreneur journey or provide business advice to help you not make the mistakes they have made. But they have achieved, to a level of success, what you strive for serving a similar target audience. Think like that, they’d make the great mentor. You still can learn a lot from what you can observe through completing a competitive analysis.

Even just one insight into how your competitor operates can give you great ideas. But after a full competitive analysis, all the gathered can drive your competitive strategy.

Who are your competitors?

There are two kinds of competitors to consider:

Companies/organizations who have similar products or services – i.e. McDonald’s and Wendy’s

Companies/organizations that have different products or services but who compete for the same dollar – i.e. McDonald’s and Papa John’s Pizza

Consider the example of Hulu. They don’t just compete with other streaming services, they compete with movie theaters, cable TV, YouTube. They are competing for your couch time. So the gym, social events, social media, and gaming could all be considered competition. Focus on your direct competitors first and then expand to consider indirect competitors too.

Questions while completing a competitor analysis

Starting off with the big questions like:

  • Who are the major players serving this market?
    • Use internet searches and other resources to locate them for the geographic area you intend to cover
  • How is the market split up between them?
    • If there aren’t reports, you might find their revenue reported on their website, or in articles and lastly, you might find the company tax reports.

Next go a little deeper, with more specific questions like:

  • How does the market think about these competitors?
    • Check out online reviews. Search for articles online.
  • What is their target demographic? Do they market to a target age group or income level? If B2B what size and kind of company is their ideal client/customer?
  • What sort of experience are they offering?
    • If a physical location, check out their office/store. Interact with employees. How is their customer service?
    • If they offer professional services such as consulting, check out their employee profiles on sites like LinkedIn. To be a real sleuth, create a temporary account so the competitor employees don’t see that it’s you checking them out.
  • How does their product or service look and feel? How does it work?
    • If local, check them out. If online and you’d like to sign up for their email marketing newsletters and maybe have a sales discussion including a product demo then again being a sleuth, use a pseudo name (i.e. John Smith), create a new Gmail email account, get a Google Voice phone number to use.
  • How are they delivering?
    • What do they charge? How do customers order? What reviews do they get?
  • Search, search and then search more.

Along the way keep asking if your business can differentiate itself in some way.

Identify competitor strengths and weaknesses

You’ll begin to see which ones will challenge you most as you learn more about your competitors. They might be in your region, or they might target the exact same market segment as you. List the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors.

Strengths might include things like:

  • huge brand awareness – they’ve been around forever and people trust them
  • great distribution – they’re in all kinds of shops, all over the place
  • really good networks – they’ve built lots of great relationships with buyers
  • low price point – It may be impossible for you to compete on the price. However, in many markets leading on price can be perceived as low quality.

Weaknesses might include things like:

  • Reputation – clients/customers don’t get a thrill buying from or interacting with them
  • Cheap packaging – their product packaging is not aligned with the target audience’s expectations
  • Lack of depth – the competitor has remained limited in service or scope that you may offer
  • Bad reviews/perception – clients/customers aren’t have left bad reviews online or you hear industry talk of clients/customers desiring an alternative
  • Poor client/customer service – consumers don’t feel valued which may tie into bad reviews
  • Lack of innovation – their product or service offering has not improved or evolved over time
  • Poor messaging – their online and offline marketing content is dated, stale and lacks excitement.

By understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can figure out what differentiates you – and where you fit in the

Your advantages

When doing a competitor analysis, it’s important to consider your advantages. There may be things about your business that others can’t replicate, like:

  • Patents or licenses: Are you the only business that can produce a certain product?
  • Exclusive supply arrangements: You might be the only business in your area that can sell certain products.
  • Special processes: You might have a way of working that others don’t know about.
  • Innovation: Maybe your product or service is an industry disruptor.
  • Costs: Maybe you offer a wider service or better products at a similar cost. Again, don’t just try to be the lowest-priced offering.
  • Social reach: Maybe you are good at social media and content creation to attract the attention of clients/customers/members.
  • Customer Happiness: Maybe you provide such a great service/product and in all touchpoints, you and your team excel at customer service creating happy customers/clients.

It’s important to know where you have advantages like these. Leverage them in your online and offline marketing.

Do it again and again

Be sure to schedule at least every 6 months to update your competitor analysis and ask:

  • Have new competitors popped up?
    • How difficult would it be for a current competitor or a new company/organization to replicate you product/service and strategy? If easy, what can you do to make it more difficult?
  • Have current competitors made changes to their business/organization?
  • Have they improved on their weaknesses?
  • Have they added new products or services?
  • Have they updated their marketing?
  • Have these changes affected your own competitive advantage positively or negatively? If so, adjust to the evolving market in whatever manner is most effective to regain your competitive advantage.

Start your competitor analysis today

You don’t have to have an exhaustive competitor analysis to get started. It can take weeks to complete your first version working it into your business daily and weekly schedule. But, put it on your calendar so you are to be sure to get it done with as many competitors as possible at first, even if that is only 2-5. Fill in what you can find easily and then add to it as you go to learn more. It won’t complete itself and is a vital tool to understand your competitors and ensure your product/service and marketing is on target.


Seeking Sales Professional Job Career LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Branding Ratings Reviews Monitoring - OutBuro - Employee Recruiting Marketing

OutBüro Seeking Sales Professionals

OutBüro is seeking sales professionals ready to leverage your current contacts and expand them for unlimited income. Do you have contacts in Fortune 1000, large, and mid-sized companies? Or contacts in all levels of government, education institutions, non-profits or other?

Job brief

We’re looking for a results-driven sales representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects.

Help us grow. Start out as an independent sales consultant. Potential for the right person to grow into a Sales Director role. Leveraging our transparent Ambassador program. Depending on your experience and contacts we can customize the OutBüro Ambassador program commissions.

Independent Sales Representative Responsibilities include:

  • Leverage current and actively expand company/organization decision making contacts.
  • Represent the OutBüro Employer Branding and Reviews Monitoring and any future solutions.
  • Work with OutBüro to hone our sales process and any gaps in needed collateral to make assist in the process.
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses of existing and potential customers
  • Maintaining positive business relationships to ensure future sales and retention of clients/customers.
  • Reach out to customer leads through cold calling leveraging tools and other resources.
  • Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule
  • Coordinate sales effort with team members.
  • Analyze industry/territory potential, track sales, and status reports
  • Supply management with reports on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services.
  • Expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction.
  • Providing constructive feedback on features based on prospect/client needs.
  • Continuously improve through feedback.

hummm... seems you've already submitted this form twice.. Appreciate your high interest, and we'll get to your submission shortly.

No recruiter contacts – No fees paid to recruiters.

This is an independent agent sales role. OutBüro is an equal employment opportunity company. However it is focused on the LGBTQ community and therefore any person applying regardless of sex, gender identity, religion, ethnic, race, sexual orientation, physical, mental, or veteran status or other must be 100% comfortable and confident in representing OutBüro and the LGBTQ community in a highly positive manner.

OutBuro Launches Ambassador Affiliate Program - Promote LGBTQ Workplace Equality Earn - GLBT LGBT Employer Reviews Company Ratings Branding Corporate Diversity Inclusion

OutBüro Launches Ambassador Program

Promote LGBTQ Workplace Equality and Earn

We would like LGBTQ workplace equality to spread like wildfire and we applaud entrepreneurs, so today OutBüro launches it’s OutBüro Ambassador program.

What is the OutBüro Ambassador Program

It is an affiliate marketing system that anyone may register for. It is a system that is transparent providing each Ambassador with a unique URL that is customizable to share with prospective employers to use when claiming or adding their OutBüro Employer Listing. Employer listings subscriptions fees are based on a sliding scale depending on the number of current employees worldwide. Therefore it’s cost effective for companies/organizations of any size from 3 – 300,000 or more.

See the OutBüro Ambassador program overview for more information on how it works and the management area just for Ambassadors to track your clicks and successful Employer Listing subscriptions.

Register Now OutBuro Ambassador Program Affiliate Marketing B2B Non-Profit Business Revenue New Career Work for self entreprenuer side income

Currently, the Ambassador program offers a 10% commission on successful Employer listings that are claimed or added. The commission is not only on this initial annual subscription yet continues annually for as long as that Employer listing remains active. Therefore you earn an initial plus residual income.

You share your unique link with prospective employers. When they click through your Ambassador account is attributed for up to 90 days. It is in all our best interest to have them sign up as quickly as possible. If another Ambassador shares their link with the same employer you run the risk of the 2nd Ambassador being attributed with the signup. See the Ambassador program description for more detail on this.

Believe you can pull lots or big fish?

Do you believe you can attract a significant number of employers and/or very large employers? OK – contact us to discuss the opportunity.

Who can be an OutBüro Ambassador?

Anyone or any entity really. But some ideal Ambassdors would be the following:

  • An individual who already markets to businesses of any size.
  • A company who already markets to businesses of any size.
  • A company/organization LGBTQ employee who would like to champion their employer to claim or add their Employer listing to OutBüro. Perhaps this is on behalf of an LGBTQ employee resource group.
  • Any for-profit or non-profit that advocates LGBTQ workplace equality.
  • Any non-profit with a membership base such as community centers, chambers of commerce and so forth.
  • Again, really anyone or any entity may become an OutBüro Ambassador.

Are there any restrictions on the the earned commission may be used?

OutBüro does not place any restrictions on how the funds you, your company, or your organization uses the funds earned but here are some ideas:

Diversity and Inclusion Consultants

Same as all below and a very pertinent offering to expand the outstanding services you are already doing. It’s one more thing you bring to the table and earn.

Individual person

  • Hey, use the funds any way you like. Pay bills, add to a vacation fund.
  • Pay your health insurance.
  • Pay other your debt down.
  • Pay for college tuition, book, rent, food, nights out.
  • Take that needed vacation.
  • Donate it to local LGBTQ non-profit charities.
  • It’s 100% up to you.

Small business – B2B marketing

  • Grow your business adding this as one more revenue stream.
  • Add needed hardware – buy a new laptop, etc
  • Pay company bills.
  • Throw a holiday party for staff and/or clients.
  • Invest in your business
  • Take a needed vacation.
  • Donate it to local LGBTQ community non-profits.
  • It’s 100% up to you.

Medium sized business B2B marketing

  • Same as Small Business
  • Support your internal LGBTQ workplace equality efforts
  • Launch an LGBTQ employee resource group
  • Expand your marketing and your exposure
  • It’s 100% up to you

LGBTQ Non-Profits

  • Promote OutBüro to your membership base. They’ll also then be supporting your organization now and every year they retain their membership.
  • Get that needed website update accomplished.
  • Invest in technology to improve internal operations, security and other needed areas.
  • Add paid positions.
  • Expand your service offerings
  • Allocate the funds to annual project goals
  • It’s 100% up to you

OutBüro Gives Back Program

As soon as OutBüro starts a positive revenue track, which with your help as an Ambassador we hope will be soon. We’ll be allocating a percentage of quarterly profits to be donated to global, national and local non-profits that support LGBTQ workplace equality, opportunities for career advancement and training and general LGBTQ community support organizations.

You’re being an Ambassador can do so much good for you, your organization an the community at large.

Review the following to get up to speed

Review the following article from OutBüro to expand your knowledge so that you are ready to talk with employers about the value of being an open and welcoming LGBTQ workplace. Naturally, seek out other resources too for general information on diversity and inclusion.

6 Steps to enhance LGBTQ workplace equality with OutBüro

Beyond the scope, depth and reach of the HRC Corporate Equality Index – OutBüro is an LGBTQ employee driven ratings/review platform for any employer, any size, anywhere in the world. Not just for US Fortune 1000 companies.

LGBTQ employees be a super hero – Your voice matters – rate/review your current and/or recent past employers to applaud them creating an amazing LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming workplace or shine light on areas they can improve.

According to many studies, employers who adopt LGBTQ workplace friendly policies, benefits, and business practices see significant improvement in productivity, creativity, problem-solving, employee happiness and customer loyalty.

Don’t stop there, check out the LGBT Studies area on the OutBüro blog for more great information to prepare you for your employer conversations.

OutBuro on LinkedIn Largest LGBTQ professional entrepreneur groupThe Gay Veteran Entrepreneur Behind LinkedIn’s Largest LGBT Professional Group - Dennis Velco - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

We are super duper excited

I am so excited to have you considering becoming an OutBüro Ambassador. I’ve built OutBüro and the OutBüro on LinkedIn group with currently over 46,000 global members 100% on my own. It’s been my own time, energy and money to try to build a global resource for the LGBTQ community.

I can no longer do this alone and need you and your business connections. Naturally, I hope you also make every LGBTQ working professional no matter what job they do aware of OutBüro so they come review/rate their employer(s). As the employers are added and employee submits ratings/review OutBüro will become a valuable resource for both the employers, their employees, and future job seekers.

I so much apprecite you.

Dennis Velco
OutBüro – Founder, CEO

Ratings 30 - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Workplace Employees Rate Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

The Gay Veteran Entrepreneur Behind LinkedIn’s Largest LGBT Professional Group

By Andy Smith – Updated May 14, 2019, for current accuracy by Dennis Velco.

First appearing on Edge Media Network

Since 2008, Dennis Velco founded and has nurtured  LinkedIn’s largest LGBTQ networking group from a concept to an international networking resource with over 46,000 global members – that grows daily.  Velco is a social entrepreneur with a passion for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. OutBuro on LinkedIn 46000 global members- Largest LGBT Professional Entrepreneur Networking Community Group Gay Lesbian Bisexual Queer Transgender Network

It was the driving force for Velco to launch the LGBT media crowd-sourced corporate social justice tech startup OutBüro.  Additionally, OutBüro is a growing site of LGBT related business news, information, resources, and stories of careers and business owners.

Dennis Velco - CEO Founder OutBuro LinkedIn Largest LGBT Professional Netoworking Group Gay Lesbian GLBT Queer Transgender Bisexual Social Entrepreneur Startup

Dennis Velco

Velco continues to moderate and grow the LinkedIn group yet now branded as and supported as a service of OutBüro.

For Dennis, creating, cultivating and growing the OutBüro on LinkedIn group has been a persistent and passionate endeavor.

OutBüro on LinkedIn welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT), queer, intersex and questioning professionals and entrepreneurs, along with friends, allies, recruiters and diversity professionals seeking to connect, network and communicate to advance their careers.

A Persistent Pioneer – How it began

“I’ve been on LinkedIn since way before people knew what it was, when I was living in New York City 16 years ago,” says Velco, now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Back then it wasn’t as prominent as it is today. I put it on the backburner for a couple of years. As more clients began to mention it in casual conversation in late in 2007, I got more involved and did what most people do-I filled it out like a resume and began to prospect on it.”

As he became more involved, Velco began noticing other features of the networking service, especially the preponderance of collegiate alumni association groups listed on people’s profiles.

“I scoured LinkedIn searching for an LGBT Group and looking up very prominent LGBT community members to see if their profiles had any LGBT group listed. I found nothing,” he says. After several patient inquiries and a few months of back and forth, it turned out the site wasn’t hosting an LGBTQ networking group.

Velco contacted LinkedIn providing a strong case for an LGBT group on the site. Eventually, LinkedIn gave the green light, and Velco agreed to be the group’s owner and moderator voluntarily donating his time and resources.

He approached the project with fervor and a sense of mission. “I felt and continue to feel it is vital to have a strong open and out LGBT presence on the world’s largest professional networking site,” he says. “People are much more likely to be out on Facebook yet still hesitant to be out on LinkedIn.” At Velco’s request, all groups on LinkedIn offer the option to hide a group’s membership on public profiles.

Adding Members & Content 

Once LinkedIn signed off, Velco jumped in with both feet, embracing the project, donating hours of time each day – including weekends – to building the group, taking a labor-intensive, trial-and-error approach.

“I would search LinkedIn and find profiles of people that had ‘LGBT, GLBT, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer and so forth’ in their listing and send them invitations to join the group. I’d have to be careful to weed out people who have ‘Gay’ in their names,” he says. “I then would send each person a personalized invitation to join the group.”

Building and maintaining this group has been a labor of love. “My past life partner thought I was crazy in the beginning of building it due to the amount of time and personal money I was investing in the group. The first several years I would spend anywhere from two to six hours a day combing the Internet for pertinent content to post,” Velco recalls.

“March 2018 will mark ten years that I’ve done this voluntarily,” he says.

In addition to writing pieces for the group, Velco searched international news sites to curate LGBTQ-focused, business-oriented pieces. “I would strive to stay non-political and avoid content that would alienate members,” he says. “I’d try to get global content because I didn’t want it to just be an echo chamber of U.S. and Canadian content. I can’t wait until LinkedIn gets automatic translations because I would like all members to be able to contribute, view and participate in their native language. I believe that being an English only site is a deterrent to many. Having such a feature I believe would increase member active participation.”

Nixing NSFW Content

Despite what a handful of aspiring members might think, LinkedIn is not an adjunct to Grindr or a Circuit Party Facebook page. Deflecting accusations of being sex-negative, Velco has spent a fair amount of time screening out applicants who submit genital images as their profile photos. As a business-oriented (rather than social) site, even shirtless pictures are typically verboten.

“Policing the group is important because while Facebook is typically banned at most businesses via the company internet, LinkedIn is not,” he emphasizes.  I want OutBüro main site and our channels such as OutBüro on LinkedIn to remain Fortune 1000 level office friendly.

“I hold to LinkedIn’s terms of service. I’ve had to moderate and get involved with spats and even had a stalker who ended up banned from LinkedIn for life. I’ve had blatant anti-LGBT content in profiles. Every single person’s profile in the group must be reviewed by me to a degree.”

Partnering with StartOut

In 2017, as StartOut investigated new channels for outreach, freelance Marketing Director John Graham reached out to Velco to see if the two groups could cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship, one that would boost StartOut’s member recruitment.

“I knew how large the LinkedIn group was and how it made sense to develop a partnership with him. It’s a large channel to find LGBTQ entrepreneurs and those who support them,” Graham says. “The OutBüro on LinkedIn group has been one of the most effective means to continue growing StartOut memberships/registrations. It has been nearly 11 times more effective than Facebook.”

Worthy Endeavors 

Today he’s exploring his new home town of Wilton Manors and the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

The group has from high school students through White House staff of both the Obama and Trump administration and every role in between. “Knowing that people at that level value the group enough to have an open LGBT or they are friendly representatives present makes me feel great.  My effort to date has been well spent.”

Nevertheless, Dennis and his passionate quest continue with OutBüro being part of the evolution.  He states, “I feel good because OutBüro is about helping people and companies/organization be better and make good decisions be being a resource and a tool of communication, growth, and change.”

Directly connect with Dennis Velco on LinkedIn.  Use the contact form to send a message or request a 30-minute phone or skype introduction call with him.

Join the LinkedIn LGBT group here.

OutBuro Care Plan Medical health Savings Plan LGBT GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer Prenegotiated Healcare costs Cash Discounts

Healthcare Medical Savings Plans for the LGBT Community

March 15, 2019

Officially launched today, OutBüro Care+Plan is a pre-negotiated healthcare discount savings plan leveraging trusted national networks of service providers. It is unique in that it is specifically targeting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community. Believed to be the first of it’s kind.

OutBüro Care+Plans are for individuals, couples, and families residing in the United States regardless of citizenship status. It has opportunities for independent entrepreneur, small business owners and non-profits with a member base. OutBüro Care+Plans is focused on the LGBTQ community, however it’s not exclusive – we aren’t meanies. We’d welcome anyone to the OutBüro Care+Plans who meet the general plan requirements.

OutBüro Care+Plan is a result of the partnership between OutBüro and Atlas Benefits.

Why focus on the LGBTQ community?

There are other similar plans out there that anyone may use. OutBüro’s focuses its content and service on the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur community. It is difficult or impossible to be your best on the job or tending to your client as an LGBTQ entrepreneur when you have health concerns. Your sinuses may be killing you, or you met a hot guy and all you can think about is your erectile dysfunction.

“When AtlasCare management reached out to me, within our first call my interest was high. I had already written articles based on studies including lack of access and high health risk LGBTQ people face,” Velco states.

An LGBTQ person who has a fear of going to medical facilities due to past negative experiences, for many things may utilize the medicine doctor as part of the plan, stop by a lab if ordered, and have their prescription mailed or picked up locally. But anyone on the OutBüro Care+Plan can typically save time and money leveraging the Telemedicine option.

Discounted services through nationwide networks

  • Doctor Visits
  • Patent Advocacy
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescriptions
  • Laboratory
  • MRI & Imaging
  • Dermatology
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Chiropractic
  • Diabetic
  • Telemedicine

For more information visit

Gay Male couple OutBuro Care Plan Medical Savings Plan Prenegotiated Healcare Costs Cash Discounts

Americans dropping health insurance

Recent reports indicate that a large number of persons residing in the United States don’t have health insurance or are considering dropping it in 2019. This is partially in part due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate repeal that removed penalizes Americans on federal taxes. LGBTQ persons are part of that group although we have not found any study quantifying that to date.

Health insurance as emergency only plan

Velco states, “I personally know many people who have health insurance but due to the every rising costs they can only afford a plan with a very high annual deductible, say $5,000. They treat their health insurance as an emergency only plan.

They could leverage the OutBüro Care+Plan for out of pocket cash payment discounts that can still count toward the health insurance annual deductible. Why pay full walk-in or insurance billing rates when you are trying to reach your high heath insurance annual deductible if under normal routine care you likely won’t reach it?

Undocumented immigrants

There are LGBTQ immigrants and likely some are undocumented too. For most in that status it can be challenging to impossible to even get health insurance no matter how much they are willing to pay. The OutBüro Care+Plan is not an insurance plan, but it can help reduce costs.

My own proof

Velco continues, “As I learned more I quickly added up my own health care cost I racked up over the past 3 months and found that had I had this plan, I would have used the exact same vendors and would have saved enough to have covered a full year of cost of the plan. I thought that if this makes no brainier sense to me it’s going to hit home with others.”

Superbia Financial - The First LGBTQ Community National Credit Union Bank LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Superbia Financial – The First LGBTQ Community National Credit Union

Superbia Financial National LGBTQ Credit Union - OutBüro - Gay Professional Network LGBT Business News glbt Entrepreneurs Employer Reviews Ratings Jobs Portal Community Logo

I was introduced to Superbia Financial initially through a group posting via our OutBüro on LinkedIn LGBT professional networking group. We had the opportunity to jump on a call this week to learn more about Superbia Financial from its CEO & Founder, Myles Meyers. Meyers was quick to explain that Superbia means Pride in Latin. I dig the word and thought behind it.

Meyers has a long deep background in the financial services industry both within insurance and banking as well as member driven organizations. He is a Canadian transplant now building Superbia from his new home base in New York City – one of the financial hubs of the world.

We are bringing financial services to the LGBTQ Community that match the values in our lives – Myles Meyers – CEO

Myles Meyers Superbia Financial National LGBTQ Credit Union - OutBüro - Gay Professional Network LGBT Business News glbt Entrepreneurs Employer Reviews Ratings Job Portal Community

Myles Meyers – CEO/Founder – Superbia Financial

Superbia will serve its members in three important ways:

  • Completely removing any risk of discrimination when sourcing financial services
  • Providing fair, and unique products, services, and a member (customer) experience that honors the unique needs of the LGBTQ community
  • Giving every penny of profit back to the community
    • Awarding up to 30% of profit to directly fund LGBTQ organizations, causes and community needs
    • Putting profits back into Superbia to offer better saving and lending rates, and other improved financial services to its membership

Why focus on the LGBT community’s financial life

LGBTQ people face discrimination, harassment and inequalities at nearly every possible interaction be it at work, in housing, in healthcare and so forth. Also we can face discrimination when dealing with financial institutions from personal banking, business banking and seeking capital for to grow our businesses. Sure, many large financial institutions, which we’ve pointed our here on OutBüro, have a pretty good to very good LGBTQ employee work culture and customer equality stance. However, the best of intentions of a large company does not always translate down to the individual banking employee you might be dealing with. You can and may still experience discrimination from a branch manager, loan officer or employee who despite company policies put forth their learned prejudices and biased beliefs causing you mental stress and financial harm.

Case in point is that in the United States we have had sexual harassment laws at the federal and state levels since 1978. Most companies have sexual harassment policies as well as require all employees to participate in sexual harassment training and sign documents. However, all you have to do is turn on the news and several times a month and you will see high profile sexual harassment cases. Consider the hundreds and thousands monthly that don’t make the news. Corporate LGBTQ supportive and friendly policies are wonderful and we applaud all companies who have them in place. But taking sexual harassment as an indicator, it will be a very long time before those LGBTQ friendly policies and laws translate to a true culture of equality devoid of discrimination, harassment and worse.

Come bank with Superbia as and who you are. Your financial life is very important to you and therefore important to Superbia.

100% LGBTQ banking

Superbia Financial, upon receipt of its charter to operate, is the first financial institution, as a member based credit union, to be built by an LGBTQ entrepreneur and 100% focused on the LGBTQ community – YOU. As a credit union you are a member and therefore also have a vote in many actions of the credit union. You may participate in voting for board members that will ensure the board is both qualified and always reflects the membership base.

As a not-for-profit, Meyers explained that the tax savings will provide a lower cost of business and thus be able to provide more of the profits to directly fund national and regional LGBTQ organizations, causes and community needs. Your banking with Superbia creates a sustainable funding stream for organizations serving our LGBTQ community.

It’s banking with an LGBTQ social impact.

The world doesn’t need another generalized bank or credit union. The LGBTQ community needs a financial institution such as Superbia that is not only LGBTQ focused, but participates as part of the community and supports the community widely. – Myles Meyers – CEO

Financial diversity in the diverse LGBTQ community

There are an estimated 8.5–10 million LGBTQ living in the United States. In 2015, the combined economic power of the community was estimated at $917 billion, yet poverty exists in the diverse LGBTQ community. It’s estimated that 9.1% of gay couples and 4.9% of lesbian couples over the age of 65 live in poverty due to a lifetime of discrimination in the workplace. 25% LGBTQ people have reported being discriminated against in some way during their life. The fear of coming out that many in the LGBTQ community experience increases their risk of depression and/or anxiety as much as 3 times.

Superbia Financial credit union is an inclusive organization and whether you’re part of the LGBTQ community or you’re a supportive ally, you are welcomed. You deserve a banking partner that values you for who you are and where you are without the potential of being discriminated against.

What services to expect

Meyers and a hard-working team of around 25 people have been working diligently for over two and a half years in getting Superbia Financial to the point of it’s impending launch. During that journey they have consulting with numerous stakeholders and providers across the country to find the right blend of technology to meet your expectations of banking in the time of internet based everything. Meyers explained that Superbia, as a virtual credit union, will have the online and mobile apps you’d expect – such as mobile/remote based check deposits. As products are made available, members will have the options of:

  • Check account
  • Saver account
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Credit card
  • Short-term loan
  • Line of credit
  • Mortgage
  • Wealth management
  • Small business account

Superbia just doesn’t want you – it needs you

To create a credit union that serves the unique interests and needs of the LGBTQ community, and that distributes its profit to the causes and programs unique to LGBTQ persons, Superbia must demonstrate the desire and need of the community to the regulators.

To show your interest in helping bring this revolutionary vision to life for yourself and others, head over to their website and sign up to stay abreast with Superbia’s progress – they only ask for your name, email and state.

When can you open your accounts

Superbia, in October 2018, filed the application to acquire its charter to operate as Superbia Credit Union. Meyers stated, “In the process so far we’ve had discussions about our application, vision and plans. The dialogue has been productive. This process is lengthy with naturally a huge focus on the security of any potential members financials. “We are very pleased with the development effort to make our application for charter as strong as possible. We cannot predict exactly when, but we hope within the next few months we’ll receive the approval and when that happens we are ready to serve our community.”

To learn more about Superbia, please visit

Keep up with Superbia via:

Facebook: @SuperbiaFinancial

Twitter: @pride_superbia

Have an LGBTQ related news tip focused on the professional side of life? Contact us to get the word out.

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Register and List your Service Offers for Travelers on BringMeGift - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Register and List your Service Offers for Travelers on BringMeGift for Chance to Win


BringMeGift - LGBTQ Vacation Business Travel Pay and Barter App - Guided Tours Meals Rent House Room Apartment Share gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer marketingBringMeGift Vacation & Business Travel App and OutBüro have partnered for a fun contest/game.
Download the BringMeGift App, Register as a Service provider, create your fun and interesting service offer listings for vacation and business travelers between Oct 31 and Nov 7, 2018.  The individual with the most offers listed will win $200 from BringMeGift.
Also, for those that download the BringMeGift App, also the first 100 people to also register for free on will receive a discount code for 50% your BringMeGift monthly service provider fees. After registering on both, send a short message to OutBüro via Support Contact form to receive one of only 100 discount codes for BringMeApp.

Join Now - OutBuro LGBT Employer Reviews Rating Gay Professional Network Lesbian Business Networking Diversity Recruiting Jobs Company Queer Bisexual TransgenderCheck out our article on BringMeGift App to learn more about them and download the app to your smartphone now.

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Kinner - Empowering Lives and Creating Dignity with Every Bottle of Water - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Kinner – Empowering Lives and Creating Dignity with Every Bottle of Water

I was recently first connected with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi via our OutBüro on LinkedIn Group and connected directly as a 1st-degree contact when I noticed a posting from her in the group about Kineer Drinking Water.  She is a transgender activist and social entrepreneur that works tirelessly for the transgender community in India and thereby around the world.  She’s an activist, entrepreneur, dancer, actress and more than anything a compassionate human who is leveraging her skills and energy to help others to belong, be safe, feel dignity and be empowered.

We at Kineer are at empowering the transgender/third-gender Indian community with employment opportunities and more.

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes and difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.  – Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Kineer - Water Education Services Empowering Transgender Community in India - Outburo - Gay Professional Networking LGBT Business Startup News Queer

India’s transgender women community, or Hijra, has been a part of the subcontinent for about as long as civilization has. With a recorded history of over 4,000 years and is mentioned in ancient texts, the Hijra community is a testament to the sexual diversity that is integral yet often forgotten in Indian culture.

However, when the Indian subcontinent came under colonial rule during the 19th century, British authorities sought to eradicate and criminalize the Hijra community through various laws. These laws were later repealed after India attained independence.

While the Hijra community is still revered by society at large and celebrated in religious and spiritual ceremonies, they are often the victims of abuse and discrimination. Violence and hate crimes against the community are common, as is housing and other harassment and discrimination.

Although the hijras are human beings full of efficiency and human dignity beyond the male-female dichotomy, the government has not taken proper initiatives for their upliftment. Our society has just rejected their different physical complexities.

Hijras are boycotted from their own family, society, and state. Their own family hides them to cover the so-called ‘shame’ and neglect the truth that hijras are not responsible for what they are. Society ignores the reality that they are just the third gender. Their gender is naturally constructed as diverse. For their diverse identity, they cannot even inherit their family properties. Their funeral activities are also not functioning properly as the persons related to those rituals are not willing to conduct funeral activities when he comes to know that it’s a dead body of a hijra!

Although some attempts are taken for the hijras by the government and some non-governmental organizations who work for conserving human rights, those are really insufficient. We cannot step forward leaving these people having diverse gender identity far behind. Obviously, they have the ability to serve various sectors, but at present, they are not playing that role just because of not getting an opportunity. They could become talented doctors, engineers, intelligent scientists, scholars and what not?

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi - Kineer Packed Bottled Water - Transgender Activitist Entrepreneur Business Startup Gay Professional Networking LGBT QueerCreating a Solution Through Water

The plight of the Hijra Community (Third/Neutral gender) is not hidden from anyone but still, no action has been taken towards providing a sustainable employment/ income source for them. They are left with a choice to either beg on the roads or to indulge in Skin Trade. It was surprising to see that the grants too were only focused on ways of distributing condoms or taking HIV/ safe sex sessions. Which we feel is just another way of labeling/ approving their indulgence in the skin trade.

Kineer Seeking Corporate Customer Partners and Distributors

Kineer Drinking Water is seeking direct corporate customers who serve water to their customers/staff as well as distributors.  This is social entrepreneurs where when you serve Kineer Water you are making a statement that you support empowering the community with jobs and a future of safety and security.

If you serve bottled water for any reason, you are a perfect corporate partner customer.  Kineer would appreciate the opportunity to provide the refreshing water you need and the transgender community will be grateful for your support of their employment and lives of dignity.

Water Not Kineer’s Only Product or Service to assist the  Community

Most entrepreneurs work tirelessly to realize the potential of one business.  Laxmi formed Kineer Services which not only has the drinking water brand yet the following services/products:

  1. Kineer Packaged drinking water plants
  2. Kineer - Water Education Services Empowering Transgender Community in India - Outburo - Gay Professional Networking LGBT Business Startup News Information QueerKineer Cosmetics and washroom amenities range
  3. Kineer Education platform
  4. Kineer Mental health Helpline
  5. Kineer National Cricket league
  6. Kineer manpower Placement and Diversity inclusion platform
  7. Kineer corrective surgeries helpline
  8. Kineer Security Services
  9. Kineer Dance and fine arts academy
  10. Kineer BPO
  11. Kineer apparels and lifestyle accessories
  12. Trans Queen India events

Kineer Services Pvt. Ltd was formed with a vision bringing about a Paradigm Shift for the members of the sexual minorities. They are not only working towards creating dignified employment opportunities for the members of the sexual minorities but is also working towards ensuring the mental and physical health of this neglected community is taken care of.

About Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

She is the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of the Kinaar Akhada, a transgender rights activist, dancer, and actress. She was the first transgender person to represent Asia-Pacific at a UN task meeting in 2008 and represented the region again at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. She works with numerous NGOs, including the Astitva Trust, the Asia Pacific Transgender Network and Maharashtra Trithiya Panthi Sangatana, to promote the equality of transgender individuals. She was one of several petitioners in the Supreme Court’s landmark judgment recognizing the ‘third gender’ and is a member of the core committee set up by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for Transgender Rights and Upliftment. She is the subject of two books, Me Hijra, Me Laxmi (written by R. Raj Rao) and Red Lipstick: The Men in My Life (written by Pooja Pande).


Are you an LGBTQ entrepreneur or know of another we should interview and write an article about?  Provide us a little bit of information and contact information.

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BringMeGift Startup a New Concept in LGBTQ Global Vacation & Business Travel - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

BringMeGift a New Concept in LGBTQ Global Vacation and Business Travel

BringMeGift - LGBTQ Vacation Business Travel Pay and Barter App - Guided Tours Meals Rent House Room Apartment Share gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer marketingBringMeGift is the brainchild of Viсtor Semeniaka a Belarusian developer who had the vision to bring the global gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer community a unique tool to make your next travel exciting and personal.

To take the BringMeGift to the next level he moved to New York City and was accepted to participate in the startup accelerator at Starta Ventures. Further, BringMeGift has made a smart move in creating a relationship with Mr. Matt Skallerud, founder of Pink Banana Media, who is very adept at reaching the target LGBT market through online marketing.  BringMeGift is a unique approach and seeking investors who share their vision.

This is built on an invite-only trusted network concept. Mr. Semeniaka believes that this will make users of the amazing new app feel more confident in creating the vacation experience of a lifetime. What makes this new travel tool so interesting is the ability to either pay directly for a service offered, or barter – offering a gift, thus the name BringMeGift. For example, say you have a favorite Spanish wine that can only be purchased there. If you live in the US, you cannot get it. So, if you offer a service, say the use of your spare room, be a local guide for an afternoon or more to a Spanish traveler you may request they bring you a few bottles of that so much loved wine in return. Then sit back and sip away.

Offer a home cooked meal for example coupled with great conversation. What a great way to be a global citizen and make new friends. Offer the use of your car for a few hours or a day. Offer to be a hiking guide in local parks. Offer to be a shopping guide. Nearly anything can be offered and requested in return.

This is not just for your vacation. As a past extensive business traveler myself, I would have absolutely loved an app like this during those times. Business travels can be so mundane with few options to get out of the hotel after work. I spent many evenings sipping cocktails at bars just so I’d have someone to talk to that wasn’t work related. With BringMeGift, on your business travels you can offer to bring a token of your appreciation and explore the city with a local and make great friends if you find yourself in that location again.

Naturally, the participants will have to keep country customs and airline baggage restrictions in mind.

Download the BringMeGift app from iTunes today to start connecting with your global community. The app will also soon be available for Android too.


BringMeGift - LGBT vacation business travel app 1 - OutBuro Gay Professional Network Community GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer Business Owners News



BringMeGift - LGBT vacation business travel app 2 - OutBuro Gay Professional Network Community GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer Business Owners News



BringMeGift - LGBT vacation business travel app 4 - OutBuro Gay Professional Network Community GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer Business Owners News


BringMeGift - LGBT vacation business travel app 3 - OutBuro Gay Professional Network Community GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer Business Owners News


Starta Ventures - BringMeGift - LGBTQ Travel Application - vacation gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer booking airbnb excursions local guideAbout Starta Ventures: Starta Accelerator’s mission is to introduce startups with European R&D roots to best practices, trusted advisors and mentors, and overcome cultural differences through a customized educational program that helps startups gain traction in the United States and become part of the local startup and investing ecosystem. To put it simply we do everything we can and everything that you need to expand into the American market and succeed globally.

APink Banana Media - Matt Skullard - LGBTQ social online marketing target audience gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer OutBurobout Pink Banana Media: Pink Banana integrate s the power and reach of content & social media marketing with traditional online strategies including banner ads and e-mail campaigns. We merge PR, Advertising, Marketing & Social Media.



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28 LGBTQ Executives Entrepreneurs and Opinion Leaders - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

28 LGBTQ Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Opinion Leaders

LGBT entrepreneurs and gay business leaders have been stepping out of the closet helping to represent the community like never before. With that in mind, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most powerful LGBT CEOs, LGBT opinion leaders, and successful gay entrepreneurs in the spirit of what OutBüro is all about.

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of all the outstanding LGBTQ entrepreneurs and professionals at top levels out there.  We’d love to feature your business and career as an out LGBT professional.  Contact us to get that ball rolling with a little information about you and if a business owner a little about it.

The individuals listed are in no particular order, and have not been ranked.

Inga Beale: CEO of Lloyd’s of London

In 2013, Inga Beale became the first female CEO of Lloyd’s of London. In 2017 she was named a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her efforts as CEO and her contributions to the British economy.

Beale is openly bisexual and has been instrumental in the creation of a number of LGBT+ friendly policies and structures at Lloyd’s. Chief among these is an internal LGBT resource group for Lloyd’s employees.

Peter Arvai: CEO and Co-Founder of Prezi

Swedish entrepreneur, Peter Arvai, is best-known as the CEO and co-founder of Prezi, a software company which specializes in cloud-based presentations. In 2009 the company was successfully funded, in part, by TED Conference.

Arvai came out in a Forbes article in 2015. He felt it was important for LGBT+ youths to have role models within the fields of entrepreneurship and STEM, and this is what pushed him to come out publicly.

Peter Arvai - CEO and Co-Founder of Prezi - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: PicturedFutures

Hayley Sudbury: Founder and CEO of WERKIN

Entrepreneur Hayley Sudbury is the founder and CEO of WERKIN, an analytics platform that utilizes behavioral science to improve diversity in company hiring practices. Before founding her own company, Sudbury was an executive at Barclays.

Sudbury is also an openly out lesbian, who campaigns for LGBT+ rights and diversity in the tech industry. She is a member of the committee for LB Women and is a mentor for Stemettes

Tim Cook: CEO of Apple

Tim Cook has been at the helm of the technology giant, Apple Inc., since 2011. Prior to becoming CEO, he held the position of Chief Operations Officer at the company and is credited with giving Apple’s inventory and outgoing expenses a much-needed overhaul.  Cook publicly came out as gay in 2014, though he had always been open about his sexuality in his personal life. His announcement made him the first openly gay person to be included in the Fortune 500 list.

Tim Cook - Apple - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Mike Deerkoski/Wikimedia Commons

Megan Smith: Former CTO of the United States

Megan Smith has had a storied career. She was a vice president at Google and the former CEO of Planet Out. In 2014 she became the first female CTO of the United States, and the third person to ever hold that position. She served as CTO under President Barack Obama until 2017. Today she is a member of the board of MIT.

Smith is openly lesbian and has been recognized by both Out Magazine and GLAAD for her visibility as an LGBT+ leader.

Megan Smith - Former CTO of the United States - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Chuck Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons

Alan Joyce: CEO of Qantas Airlines

Irish-born Alan Joyce rose to the position of CEO of the Australian airline, Qantas, in 2008. Prior to working for Qantas, Joyce had worked in numerous positions for Irish airline, Aer Lingus.

Joyce has been open about his sexuality throughout his career and has been in a committed gay relationship for almost 20 years. Last year he became a Companion of the Order of Australia – the highest civil honor that can be bestowed upon someone by the state.

Alan Joyce - CEO of Qantas Airlines - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Jetstar Airways/Wikimedia Commons

Martine Rothblatt: CEO of United Therapeutics

Martine Rothblatt is currently the highest-earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as the founder of her company, United Therapeutics. Her fascinating and storied career has spanned the fields of law, aerospace, and medicine.

Martine publicly came out as a trans woman in 1994, and remains a fierce advocate for trans rights. She’s married with four children and dedicates much of her time to transhumanist efforts.

Martine Rothblatt - CEO of United Therapeutics - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Andre Chung/Wikimedia Commons

Nick Denton: Founder of Gawker Media

Controversial entrepreneur, Nick Denton, founded Blogwire Inc. in 2003. In 2004, he renamed the company Gawker Media, which went on to become the parent company of popular online media sites such as Deadspin, Gizmodo, and Jezebel.

Nick Denton is open about his sexuality, and in 2014 married his partner, Derrence Washington. Gawker was dissolved in 2016 in the aftermath of a much-publicized lawsuit. Since then, Denton remains hopeful about his future in media.

Nick Denton - Founder of Gawker Media - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: nrkbeta/Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Pritzker: Founder of the Tawani Foundation

Jennifer Pritzker is best-known for being the first transgender billionaire. She served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, and founded the Tawani Foundation in 1995. Through the foundation, she seeks to donate to numerous civic causes.

Pritzker publicly came out in 2013 via a statement to her employees. She has received many accolades for her work in advancing the visibility of and discussion around gender identity.

Jennifer Pritzker - Founder of the Tawani Foundation - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Burden, U.S. Army/Wikimedia Commons

Peter Thiel: Co-Founder and Former CEO of PayPal

Peter Thiel served as PayPal’s CEO from its launch until its sale to eBay in October, 2002. Since then, he has founded a global hedge fund and is well-regarded as a philanthropist, funding primarily efforts in artificial intelligence and the extension of life.

As an openly gay man, Thiel has also supported a number of LGBT+ causes over the years. He was a guest speaker at 2010’s HomoCon and continues to support the American Foundation for Equal Rights and GOProud.

Peter Thiel - Co-Founder and Former CEO of PayPal - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Dan Taylor/Wikimedia Commons

Vivienne Ming: Co-Founder of Socos

Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Socos. Socos aims to combine machine learning and neuroscience to maximize the potential of students. In 2013, Ming was named one of Ten Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine.

Vivienne came out as trans to her then-fiancé, Norma, on her 34th birthday in 2005. She and Norma married the following year and went on to found Socos together. Today, Ming sits on the boards of StartOut, The Palm Center, Emozia, Engender, and Genderis Inc.

Joel Simkhai: Founder and Former CEO of Grindr

Joel Simkhai is the founder and former CEO of Grindr, one of the most successful dating apps and, arguably, the most successful dating app for gay men. Simkhai launched the app in 2008 and announced his departure from the company in January of this year following the app’s acquisition by Chinese company, Kunlun.

Simkhai has always been open about his sexuality and has used his platform to promote gay rights and raise money for LGBT+ causes.

Joel Simkhai - Founder and Former CEO of Grindr - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: TechCrunch/Wikimedia Commons

Claudia Brind-Woody: Vice President of IBM

Claudia Brind-Woody is one of the most powerful women working in tech today. She is currently employed as the Vice President and Managing Director for IBM Global Intellectual Property Licensing. She has worked for IBM for over twenty years and has held multiple different positions.

Brind-Woody is also an out lesbian and has served on the boards of numerous LGBT+ organizations over the years. She was awarded the Out & Equal Trailblazer Award in 2011 and has spoken publicly on issues of diversity and LGBT+ rights globally.

Jon Hall: Board Chair for the Linux Professional Institute

Jon “Maddog” Hall is a veteran computer programmer and currently serves as the board chair for the Linux Professional Institute. He’s also the CEO of OptDyn, a tech company which produces open-source technologies to be used in P2P cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

In a 2012 article for Linux Magazine, Hall publicly came out as gay. His decision was made in honor of Alan Turing.

Jon Hall - Board Chair for the Linux Professional Institute - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Cristiano Sant’Anna/Wikimedia Commons

Gigi Chao: Executive Director of Cheuk Nang Holdings Limited

Gigi Chao was thrust into the media spotlight when, in 2012, her father and owner of Cheuk Nang Holdings offered $65 million to any man who would marry her. In 2014, Chao’s father raised the amount to $180 million.

Chao responded to her father’s offers by publishing a letter in the China Morning Post, where she revealed that she was a lesbian and that she had been married to her partner, Sean Eav, in 2012. In 2008, Chao founded the Faith In Love Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at lifting under-privileged youths out of poverty.

Jason Grenfell-Gardner: CEO of Teligent

Jason Grenfell-Gardner is the current Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director of Teligent. Prior to working for Teligent, he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for West-Ward Pharmaceuticals. He is also a current Director at IGI Laboratories.

Grenfell-Gardner is one of the few openly gay CEOs of publicly traded American corporations. In a 2014 article with the New York Times, Grenfell-Gardner and C1 Financial CEO, Trevor Burgess, both said they were unaware of any other openly gay CEOs in their field.

Jason Grenfell-Gardner - CEO of Teligent - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Juergen Maier: CEO of Siemens UK

Juergen Maier is the current Chief Executive Officer for Siemens UK. Before rising to the position of CEO, he held numerous senior positions within the company, including Industry Sector Lead for the UK and Ireland.

Early in his career, Maier was worried that his sexual orientation might affect his career opportunities and remained secretive. In recent years, he has opened up about his struggles as a gay man and now speaks out against homophobia in the workplace.

Anthony Romero: Executive Director of the ACLU

Anthony D. Romero is the current Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union. He previously served as the Director of the Ford Foundation, where he facilitated as much as $90 million in funding for various civil and human rights projects.

In 2001 he became not only the first Latino man to be Executive Director of the ACLU, but also the first openly gay man. In 2005 he was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Hispanics.

Anthony Romero - Executive Director of the ACLU - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Rsd315/Wikimedia Commons

Mark McBride-Wright: Chair and Co-Founder of InterEngineering

Mark McBride-Wright is a chartered chemical engineer and the chair and co-founder of InterEngineering – an organization that seeks to connect LGBT+ engineers and supports them in the field of engineering. InterEngineering was instrumental in the development of LGBT STEM Day. He is also the founder of EqualEngineers, an organization dedicated to connecting employers with diverse candidates working in STEM, and in consulting on matters of diversity within various companies.

McBride-Wright is, himself, a gay man and has worked tirelessly to provide more inclusive spaces within engineering for the LGBT+ community. He appeared in the Financial Times Future LGBT Leaders List in both 2015 and 2016.

Chris Hughes: Co-Founder of Facebook

In 2002, Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook along with Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Andrew McCollum in Harvard University. Since then, he has gone on to become the co-chair of the Economic Security Project.

Hughes is openly gay, and in 2012 married Sean Eldridge. Earlier this year he published his book, Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn, which primarily addresses income inequality in the United States.

Chris Hughes - Co-Founder of Facebook - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: Lisa Berg/Wikimedia Commons

David Geffen: Founder of DreamWorks

David Geffen is, arguably, one of the most powerful figures in the American entertainment industry. In addition to founding DreamWorks in 1994, he co-founded Asylum Records with Elliot Roberts.

Geffen came out as gay in 1992, and is frequently regarded as one of the most successful LGBT+ business people in America. He’s a dedicated philanthropist, who frequently donates to medical research and the arts.

David Bohnett: Founder of GeoCities

David Bohnett was behind one of the first ever social networking sites, GeoCities, back during the early days of the Internet. After founding the site in 1994, Bohnett has gone on to found the David Bohnett Foundation which seeks to improve society through social activism.

Bohnett is openly gay, and has been recognized throughout his career for his contributions to tech and the LGBT+ community.

Tim Gill: Founder of Quark

In 1981, Tim Gill founded Quark Inc., which produced an early and important software for the layout of graphics. Gill sold his stakes in Quark in 1999 in order to focus more on his interests in LGBT+ activism and philanthropy.

Gill married Scott Miller in 2009, and continues to advocate for the LGBT+ community through the Gill Foundation. He is believed to be the largest single donor to LGBT+ rights in America, having donated over $422 million to various LGBT+ causes throughout his lifetime.

Harvey Levin: Founder of TMZ

Harvey Levin is the founder of popular and polarizing celebrity news site, TMZ. Levin got his start as a lawyer, and transitioned into the entertainment industry in the early 1980s. He founded TMZ in 2005, which has since become one of the most up-to-date and important celebrity news sources in the world.

Levin publicly came out as gay in 2010 when speaking to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. He frequently appears in Out Magazine’s Power 50 list of influential figures in the LGBT+ community.

Harvey Levin - Founder of TMZ - OutBuro Gay Professional Networking Community business news LGBT GLBT Lesbian Transgender Queer bisexual information

Source: SupportPDX/Wikimedia Commons

Trevor Burgess: Former CEO of C1 Financial

Trevor Burgess is the former CEO of C1 Financial and is known as being the first openly gay CEO of a bank on the New York Stock Exchange. Before rising to the position of CEO, Burgess worked as an investment broker for Morgan Stanley for ten years.

Burgess has been very vocal about his position as a gay CEO, in an effort to better represent the LGBT+ community. He was featured in The G Quotient-Why Gay Executives are Excelling as Leaders. In 2016 he stepped down as C1 Financial CEO following its acquisition by Bank of Ozarks.

Stephen Clarke: CEO of WH Smith

Stephen Clarke is the Chief Executive Officer of British bookshop chain, WH Smith. Last year he spearheaded a training initiative in the company to better accommodate workers suffering from mental health issues.

Mental health is an important issue to Clarke, who has spoken in the past about his husband’s struggle with mental health. He also privately mentors fellow members of the LGBT+ community who work in the business sector, guiding them on how to come out among other things.

António Simões: CEO of HSBC Bank

Portuguese banker, António Simões, is the current Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Bank, presiding over Europe and the UK. He previously worked for both McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs.

He has always been open about his sexual orientation, and in 2015 was named number one in the Out at Work & Telegraph Top 50 LGBT Executives list. Prior to this, he was recognized by many publications for his status as an influential gay executive.

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