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LGBT Entrepreneurs Lead with Content – Contribute Articles to OutBüro

Content is King – Leverage OutBüro’s LGBT entrepreneur, business and professional community to get your message out there.

As an OutBüro Premium Member, you have the ability to microblog directly from your community profile.  This is sometimes called Guest Blogging and the benefits to you and/or your company may include:

  1. Gaining blogging experience
  2. Improving your SEO of your primary website as you backlink to it in your articles on OutBüro’ LGBT Entrepreneur and Professional Community
  3. Establishing and increasing your business/industry authority
  4. Developing relationships as you connect and interact with other LGBT business owners and professionals
  5. Allowing the opportunity to share perspective
  6. Improving blog writing skills
  7. Learning online rules and practices through feedback and participating with other LGBT bloggers
  8. Reaching a new or expanded audience
  9. Increasing industry or brand building awareness of self or your company and it’s products or services

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, business will be much more fun. Connect with other LGBT entrepreneurs, startups, business leaders and professionals here on OutBüro – the LGBT business, entrepreneur, and professional global community.

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Accessing Your OutBüro Articles via your Profile

From your OutBüro Premium member profile, choose “Articles“.

If you don’t see the Article option select the “…” and then “Articles”.  Note that if you have a Free membership account the Articles option will not be visible.

OutBuro - Articles - LGBT Entrepreneur Business Online Trust Authority Page Ranking Startup Community Gay Lesbian Transgender Queer Professionals


On your profile’s Articles tab you’ll see past articles submitted.  These will either be Published or in Draft mode.  You may edit and delete your articles at any time.  Here you’ll also see the “New Article link.

OutBuro - Articles Published Draft Submit - LGBT Entrepreneur Business Online Authority Startup Community Gay Lesbian Transgender Queer Professionals


Start a New Article

From the Articles tab, choose “New Article”.

OutBuro - Article Blog Submission - LGBT Entrepreneur Community Business Owner Online Authority Startup Gay Lesbian Transgender Queer Professionals

From this simple article submission form provide a title, the article text, choose your category and tags.  Be sure to upload a featured image that is at least 1800 pixels in width that you have the rights to provide.

OutBuro - Article Blog Submit Edit Form - LGBT Entrepreneur Community Business Owner Online Authority Startup Gay Lesbian Transgender Queer Professionals


Save button – Saves the article as a Draft.

Save and publish button – Saves and immediately publishes your article to the site.

You may view all articles you’ve saved, published and draft as well as delete articles as noted above.

About the author: Dennis Velco
An LGBTQ rights activist who focuses on the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur community. Enabling employer brands to thrive and demonstrate their support for their LGBTQ employees and the community.

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