LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Listings Overview [Video]

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Any employer. Any size. Anywhere in the world.

Your voice for workplace-corporate equality. Leverage OutBüro as your LGBTQ consolidated employer branding solution that will not only impact your image with current and prospective employees but also customers/clients.

LGBT Diversity And Inclusion: Benefits Company, Employees and Customers

United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes
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Steps to Claim Employer Listing on OutBüro

Steps to Add an Employer Listing by Authorized Person

  • Employer Branding – Control the Employer Listing level content
  • Review Monitoring – Interact with a reviewer anonymously
  • Timely Pulse – Your rating is ever-present live.  Raters/reviewers may rate/review every 4 months on their individual timeline so the potential of input daily if used.  The more LGBTQ employees participate, the more accurate the picture
  • Active LGBTQ recruitment marketing along with social proving throughout
  • Showing Off – Consolidate LGBTQ diversity and inclusion messaging making it easy for candidates to clearly see you as an amazing employer.
  • LGBTQ inclusive marketing company customer-facing marketing with social proving
  • Political contributions and whether Pro or Anti-LGBTQ share why it was import
  • Sponsorships / Funding – If you give.  That is appreciated and others should know.
    • Goes both ways – Let’s the community know who sponsors you.
    • Got funding?  Need funding?
  • Say Thanks – If you receive support let us know. Add them as a Sponsor
  • Social Proof/Proving your commitment to your employees, customers, and community
  • Flag It – Ability to flag reviews to be considered for moderation
  • Reap the Benefits – All sizes wishing to reap the benefits of actively engaging with past, current and prospective employees who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Add your company/organization to the Employer Listing today.


Using the LinkedIn Marketing platform to send a SINGLE email to all our global group of over 46K members would be a LinkedIn one-time fee in the neighborhood of $23,000.  That better be one heck of a one-time marketing email.

Whereas with an OutBüro Employer Subscription priced according to organization employee total count, you benefit from a full range of targeted branding, communication, monitoring and engagement opportunities on OutBüro at a fraction of that at the largest employer subscription. 

When you submitted content/article postings it may also be cross-promoted on our channels including our “OutBüro on LinkedIn” group.

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