Add Your Business or Organization to OutBuro 45 day free trial - obtain 2 review and receive 20 percent off

45 Day Trial – Obtain 2+ Reviews and Receive 20% Off

Add your business or organization to in support of LGBTQ workplace equality. Or add your current and/or recent past employer then rate them (for free). Search the LGBTQ Corporate Equality directory to see if the company/organization is already present. We have pre-loaded it with over 117,000 employers.

1. After registering on the site (free), either choose the Submit Employer Listing from the menu or click the big rainbow button in the left column.

2. Select the legal structure such as For Profit, Non-Profit, Government, etc.

3. Select 45-day Trial. If adding your employer choose the “Employee Add Employer” free option.

4. Complete as much of the information as you can, but you may always return to edit and improve the listing.

5. Be sure to upload the company/organization logo and a great cover/header image. After submission you’ll be presented a media upload page or may access it on the listing page via the gear icon.

6. After submission it will be administratively reviewed for approval.

7. Once active make your current and if you like recent past employees, contractors, volunteers, board members, etc. aware inviting them to rate the business/organization. If adding your employer, you may submit a review at the same time all on the same form.

8. After receiving at least 2 reviews, I’ll send you a 20% discount code you may use while upgrading to an annual subscription prior to your 45 day trial ending.

At any time if you have any questions or technical issues please use the Support ticketing system. There’s a Support button/image in the left column or access it from the More menu. Also, check out the growing content in our Knowledg Base.

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