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Pronunciation: [out] [ byoo r-oh ]

Definition & Meaning:

  • Out a common, well-established idiom within the international LGBTQ community denoting that someone is no longer hiding one’s identity in the closet and refers to the act of “coming OUT’ of the closet.
  • Büro in German means “office”. When pronounced correctly it sounds exactly like the English word “bureau” meaning an office for collecting or distributing news or information, coordinating work, or performing specified services; agency.
United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes

(OutBüro) is fascinating and much more aligned with the UN’s Global LGBTI Standards for Business than most indexes! – Fabrice Houdart – Human Rights Officer @UN #LGBTQ #WorkPlaceEquality #CorporateEquality

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Diversity and inclusion hiring is the most embraced trend with 78 percent of human resource directors and recruiters responding that they are tackling hiring diverse talent, head-on. Why? Well, 78% of companies indicated they are prioritizing diversity to improve culture, and 62% are doing so to boost financial performance. 

According to the 2018 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report